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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today is Craziest Ever Since November

Today i get bumped other because i've back in pace. I got 3 paid and a great info behind the opportunity that awang said in his email that he just sent to me. I focused on one offer and i think i can increase the income by spreading those campaign into 2 different prod.

I think that tb and fu kan still promote up and... maybe adscp can help me to promote peter' stuff. I need his permit before, bcs i haven't pay for it, hahaha.

Peter if you hear this would you give free account? [...he won't hear me]
So it's ok to keep screaming to him. lol

I tested some new pages and some variation, and some other opportunity to find the best converting variation, and best income. So here's my activity that i've planed making new ads, new campaign, different pages.. {oh i see, thanks paul}

I won't revealing too much about what i've been doing now, this post just for take outside some of my different activity and to keep writing in english so i won't forget it.

Today is crazy, tomorrow and then i hope it;ll always continue like today was.