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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Emergency Fund

Belajar bahasa inggris ah... :)

What is an emergency fund?

It doesn’t take a sophisticated financial guru to explain what an emergency fund is. But, understanding the purpose of an emergency fund is essential to avoiding financial hurdles that you’ll surely encounter in your lifetime. Let’s be as blunt as possible in explaining an emergency fund: It’s a separate account that is set aside for emergencies. That definition is so simple that a first grader could understand it. The money can be stored in various places, but the important thing is to keep the money safe for a time of need.

Why do I need an emergency fund?

Creating a sufficient emergency fund is the cornerstone of any financial plan and it is an important first step. Financial experts recommend that you put away anywhere from three to six months worth of expenses. However, each person is different -- they have different jobs, job security, comfort levels, and lifestyles. Now, if you’ve already established a budget for yourself, this should be familiar territory. Here are some things you’ll need to consider: grocery bills, clothes, pulse (bahasa inggrisnya pulsa apa ya??), internet access and cable, and your electric and water bills.

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