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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Be an Ergonomist

I love to write in short post, but i want to make a different today, i'll try to make a bit longer post here, today.

Ok, this is the story. There's a selection for being an statistic lab assistant in industrial engineering. Tens people try for, and half is my current classmate. Benk, Jay, Ines, Eric, Angga..... plus Titin and Cumi that i think will dominate the selection. Most of them think that be an assistant will develop their speaking and teamwork skill, yes i admit that. One time i think i should be a part from this, but it's already late.

My friend Andri, he is a Medan man, speaking loudly, clearly! Straight man. He is never take short semester, just like i did, hehe. Before back to Medan, he invite me to be an assistant in APK's lab. Wew, APK is as difficult as statistic for me, it's a lot of mathematic procedural, but be an assistant in APK is funnier, time consumeless than statistic.

More in our conversation is we're talking about being an ergonomist, why because it's a non competition noche nowaday. Even the subject is more difficult for some people, it's not an excuse for us. Ergonomist is people who concern in motion for more effective and efficient working habit or production.

Nah, in industial engineering, there's a proclivity in 4 micro subject. Management, ergonomy, production, marketing. I have interest in marketing and ergonomy, both of them is different from the most people did, also management and production is already full of people. Ergonomy is my first priority, than marketing the second place.