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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) to Me About Blogging

-Why didn't blogging in wordpress?
Blogspot,sometimes cannot be opened in some ISP. There is desire to move to wordpress, but had no time to do that in the near time.

-Why did you blogging?
Why i did blogging? Fair to middling, can for eliminates tired, sees ownself picture in internet is abnormal for me [hehe], blogging motivate me to blogwalking anda blogwalking really adds knowledge, either from the angle of internet and also common features.

-What is your article theme?
I'm confused to answer that. I write any kind of I wish to write, which I think may be seen by public.

-Is the contents about your daily activity?
Yes sometime.

-Are you don't wish to write about love like other adolescent?
I would thought of that. Moreover that's not a bad thing.